Susan Danko, Zygote Press Monothon Monoprint

Image of Susan Danko, Zygote Press Monothon Monoprint

Susan Danko
Monoprint created at Zygote Press's Monothon Event June 17, 2017
Image Size: 12x18"
Paper Size: 13.5x20.5"

Danko’s two-dimensional works are semi-abstractions of nature landscapes. She takes traditional nature settings
— usually inspired by hikes at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park or just meandering around the woods on her
property — and abstracts the setting while maintaining the landscape environment.
“I like abstraction a lot, and I want to put that in my paintings,” she said. “But at the same time I really like the
landscape so I’m trying to marry the two somehow. I just want to do something that’s interesting and a little bit