Kasumi, Zygote Press Monothon Monoprint

Image of Kasumi, Zygote Press Monothon Monoprint

Monoprint created at Zygote Press's Monothon Event June 17, 2017
Image Size: 18x11.5"
Paper Size: 21x14"

The video art of Kasumi, winner of a 2014 Mid-Career Artist Award from the Cleveland Arts Prize, stitches together sight, sound and movement in a sensory tapestry in ways that evoke the words "electric," "psychedelic" and "visionary."

Kasumi roves among thousands of public domain snippets from vintage Hollywood films and other sources to create throbbing, vibrating loops of imagery combined with rhythmically intense and insistent scores that resemble high-tech dance music.

"The term 'visual music' is used and overused, but in Kasumi's case, it's absolutely precise and accurate," said Grafton Nunes, president of the Cleveland Institute of Art, where Kasumi teaches video production in the Animation Department.