Jacqueline Beas, Untitled

Image of Jacqueline Beas, Untitled

Jacqueline Beas
Untitled Silk Screen Print
Paper & Image Size: 12.5 x 19
Although drawn to a range of mediums, my work has developed into a continuous theme of black and white ink illustration. I enjoy developing clean, modernized interpretations of what I find interesting, some of which may include a hidden narrative. Most of my inspiration stems from cats, nature, mirror reflections, dreams, cult and otherworldly phenomena. My latest collaboration was a curated set of zines, both of which were compiled and illustrated by myself and my good friend Anna Tararova. The first zine, Grimoire, is a spellbook that creates both a humorous and haunting atmosphere. Sex Dreams is essentially a zine of sex dreams, anonymously submitted and illustrated by us.

Jacqueline Beas is an illustrator based in Cleveland, OH. Her artwork commonly features cats, botanicals, cult and otherworldly phenomena. She frequently finds inspiration through collaborations with friends, primarily through printmaking, drawing and painting. She co­-manages Meowville, an artist collective selling screenprinted zines and fashions with her business partner and bff Anna Tararova. A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art (2012), she maintains a balance of being both a barista and freelance illustrator. Her life would not be complete without her tortoiseshell cat Trimble, who manages her life as we know it.