Grace Summanen, Zygote Press Monothon Monoprint 1

Image of Grace Summanen, Zygote Press Monothon Monoprint 1

Grace Summanen
Monoprint created at Zygoet Press's Monothon Event June 17, 2017
Image Size: 14x20"
Paper Size: 15x22.5"

Artist Statement:
My work blurs the lines between high and low art by using everyday objects and materials. I draw with #2 pencil or sharpie. I paint with house paint. I create my painting surfaces with fabric, plastic bags, toilet paper tubes, or scrap paper. My installations include these same materials; they are familiar to me and ground me in my history. We live in a mass-producing, consuming, and purging society. It is a part of who I am; who we all are. I want the viewer to investigate what materials are used to create the artwork and change how they think about our everyday objects. Life is amazing today and every day, but we get bogged down with what we think is mundane. We need to see the magic that surrounds us.