Claudio Orso, Zygote Press Monothon Monoprint 3

Image of Claudio Orso, Zygote Press Monothon Monoprint 3

Claudio Orso
Monoprint created at Zygote Press's Monothon Event June 17, 2017
Image Size: 15.5x17.5"
Paper Size: 19x25"

"I found in the carving of woodblocks the greatest treasure of challenge and satisfaction because of the oftentimes antagonistic nature of the wood’s grain and density, an issue that one tackles with sculptor’s problem-solving strategies, learning from countless serendipitous accidents. The hand printing of the woodblock is also an occasion of wonder and discovery, like when an ink sounds right on the brayer, its color biting into the paper, the circular burnishing motions of the wooden spoon, the joy of peeling off the print… I learned how to make a print in seventh grade, and i still enjoy it today, ever more."

Orso has won an individual artist fellowship from the Ohio Arts Council, has been a resident artist in the OAC’s exchange with the Grafikwerkstatt in Dresden, Germany, and has won several other grants and awards. He’s the creator of the Big Parade in Oberlin, a town event with a procession of floats and gigantic puppets. Also in Oberlin, he coordinates outreach for a media literacy program for students, the Apollo Outreach Initiative.