Anna Tararova, Ax Wagon

Image of Anna Tararova, Ax Wagon

Anna Tararova
Ax Wagon, A.P.
Paper Size: 20 x 15"
Wood Cut Print
Anna Tararova was born in Russia and currently lives in Cleveland, Ohio. She received an MFA in Printmaking from Ohio University. Anna is a printmaker, book artist, and papermaker. She completed artist residencies at Paper Circle and the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago and exhibits her work internationally. Anna has worked as the Art-In-Ed Resident at Women’s Studio Workshop and has taught papermaking, printmaking, and photography classes for children and adults.

After a move to Cleveland I began applying to artist residencies in order to expand my project as well as gain access to papermaking communities and equipment. This brought me to Women’s Studio Workshop in upstate New York and the Center for Book and Paper Arts in Chicago. I have plans to expand my project internationally to Russia and Mexico, as well as to continue exploring the United States in order to capture and share some of the stories of the endless “invisible landscapes” that exist everywhere.